Graftobian HD Creme Corrector
Graftobian HD Creme Corrector
Graftobian HD Creme Corrector
Graftobian HD Creme Corrector
Graftobian HD Creme Corrector
Graftobian HD Creme Corrector

Graftobian HD Creme Corrector

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Glamour Crème™ Correct and Contour, Ultra HD Shades 0.25 oz. / 7 g.

These Glamour Crème™ Correct and Contour shades are everything you need to correct dark circles, neutralize discoloration, and conceal blemishes. Use these colors individually for color correction or blend directly with Glamour Crème™ foundation for custom shades. As they are made with same Glamour Crème base, they blend seamlessly. With options for both fair and deep skin tones, you can correct discolorations and create beautiful contours on practically any skin shade. 
To Use: Refer to the color wheel when doing corrective work. Colors directly opposite each other in the color spectrum, such as red and green or blue and orange, when combined in the right proportions, will effectively cancel each other out and make a color close to a skin shade. This makes the discoloration much easier to cover with a light layer of foundation. Lightly cover the discolored area with the appropriate color correction shade and set lightly with powder. Then cover the area with foundation.

Corrector Shade Uses

Highlight Shades: Lady Fair, Sunrise Flush, Yellow Highlight, Soft Orange, Caramel, Deep Golden Highlight
Contour Shades:Evening Mist, Soft Wisp, Hazelnut, Hidden Magic
The Fair Color Corrector shades are 5 of the most proven and effective colors for correction work used by professional makeup artists on fair to medium skin tones:
  • Soft Orange -- neutralizes or cancels bluish gray, or purplish tones, and great for use for darker discolorations under the eyes. It’s great to use for hyper-pigmentation and sun damaged areas.
  • Yellow Hi-Lite -- neutralizes or cancels mild stubborn redness or rosy areas, light bluish purple tones, and tones out brownish areas. It’s perfect to use on very light skin tones.
  • Muted Green -- cancels or neutralizes a range of redness, such as rosacea, minor surface burns, skin blotches, blemishes, etc. 
  • Pink Hi-Lite -- counteracts sallowness or unwanted green, yellow, grey & brown tones; it can also brighten up dull or ashy beige tones in skin, especially in fair to light complexions.
  • Extra Hi-Lite -- a great highlight, accent, and a perfect counteracting/concealer for very light skin tones.
The Deep Color Corrector shades below work effectively for correction work and are suitable for medium deep to deep to dark skin tones:
  • Red Neutralizer -- cancels or neutralizes redness type discolorations such as seen in rashes, rosacea, minor burns, etc.
  • Soft Orange Neutral II -- used for cancelling or neutralizing bluish tones and slight purple tones, such as those seen around the eyes. It also counteracts ashy or gray tones.
  • Deep Red Neutralizer -- used to cancel or neutralize stronger redness discolorations or surface redness in darker skin tones. Counteracts green, ashy or gray tones.
  • Burnt Orange -- great for canceling out darker blue, bluish purple or purplish black tones, such as those in tattoos, dark circled eyes, etc. Can also counteract dull ashy brown tones.
  • Deep Muted Green -- can be mixed into the other colors to tone them, or used to mute stronger redness in various discolorations.
Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.

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